Courses for Educational Organisations

This is a brief outline of some of the courses we provide.
This is a brief outline of some of the courses we provide.
Therapy Session

Mental Health Awareness

What is mental health and why is it so important? This course will enable individuals to gain a clearer understanding of mental health and ill health. It will help delegates develop an understanding of stress and early warning signs of emotional distress, providing effective tools and techniques to maintain well-being. 

Computer Class

Student Mental Health and Emotional Well-being

Over the past few years there has been an increasing concern about the emotional and psychological well- being of young people. This course will enable staff to learn skills and strategies that they can use to promote and provide effective support to students who are suffering from emotional distress and mental health difficulties.

Mental Health and Adolescents    

This course is aimed at staff who work with young people struggling with their mental health in any relevant context: schools, colleges, local authority care, clinical and residential settings, who would like to improve their knowledge and skills in the area of mental health in young people and be able offer effective support to adolescents in mental and emotional distress.  

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Stress and Resilience

This training will enable participants to identify what is stress and why does it happen. It will help to break the vicious cycle of stressful thinking and enable participants to gain practical insights, tools and techniques.

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