Courses for Professionals working in Health and Social Care

This is a brief outline of some of the courses we provide.
This is a brief outline of some of the courses we provide.
Therapy Session

Mental Health Awareness

What is mental health and why is it so important? This course will enable individuals to gain a clearer understanding of mental health and ill health. It will help delegates develop an understanding of stress and early warning signs of emotional distress, providing effective tools and techniques to maintain well-being. 

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Understanding Self-Harm

Self- Harm is a complex and difficult subject encompassing many forms of behaviours. Often used as a coping strategy, it helps individuals to deal with intense psychological and emotional distress. This session will help individuals to understand what is self- harm, why people self -harm and consider what you can do to help.

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace

This course will enable delegates to raise their awareness of mental health and how it can vary for individuals. It will outline different mental health problems and share information and tools to support people within the workplace. It will also outline the managerial role in building positive and supportive cultures at work and how to provide sources of support and information to colleagues.

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Stress and Resilience

This course teaches participants how to effectively manage the negative effects of their own stress and the stress of others. Delegates will learn to identify the type and level of stress they are experiencing and leave with tools to help them relax and refresh the mind.

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